Plastic mould maker

Plastic mould maker

  • Plastic bucket mould design and making

    2018-11-08Plastic bucket mould design and making

    The bucket mould seems very simple; actually there are many factors to consider. Plastic bucket mold cooling system design: The design of the cooling system is a relatively complicated work. We need consider the cooling effect and the uniformity, as well as the influence of the cooling system on ......

  • What are the principles for plastic cap mould steel selecting?

    2018-07-15What are the principles for plastic cap mould steel selecting?

    Plastic caps are favored by more and more manufacturers and people because of their plasticity, low density, high specific strength, high degree of bonding, high chemical stability and diverse appearance. The selection of plastic mould steel has a great influence on the quality of the mould. Therefo......

  • how to reduce mold cycle time

    2018-04-20how to reduce mold cycle time

    As we all know injection mold cycle time is very important for moulds and molds buyer.  It's the key factor that affects buyer's production invests and cost. But how to reduce the mold cycle time to enable the mould buyer get maximum profit? First of all, an optimal mold design is vi......

  • valuable insight for cutlery mould

    2018-03-21valuable insight for cutlery mould

    The most common plastic spoon, knife and fork are made by PP, PS material. Widely used in daily necessities, aviation, or military. To produce them, need the cutlery moulds. The steps to make the mould, shortly as below: 1. First we have to know customer's output, and then set the cavity of the......

  • hot design plastic chair mould brings the profits to you

    2018-03-21hot design plastic chair mould brings the profits to you

    Plastic chairs are necessary furniture in everyday life. There are many different types of modern chairs, from shapes to materials, to modeling techniques. Chair injection molds are divided into armchairs, side chairs, children’s chairs, two-color injection chairs and gas-assisted chair molds.......

  • cutlery mould maker

    2017-11-30cutlery mould maker

    Nowadays, there are many plastic cutleries in the market, such as plastic spoon, plastic knife and plastic fork. Micon Mould is a professional cutlery mould manufacturer, supplying top quality mould to make different kinds of plastic cutleries. Our fork mould, spoon mould, knife mould, etc, all are ......


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