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Plastic mould maker

how to reduce mold cycle time


As we all know injection mold cycle time is very important for moulds and molds buyer.  It's the key factor that affects buyer's production invests and cost. But how to reduce the mold cycle time to enable the mould buyer get maximum profit?

First of all, an optimal mold design is vital important. The mold designer must consider the best mold structure like injection gate, runner system, air venting, cooling, etc.

Designer should consider the best injection gate and runner system. If possible, try to avoid cold runner. Because hot runner mold can make melt flows faster and make molded products has beautiful surface.

The most important factor of reduce molding cycle time is mold cooling system. If the mold has best cooling design, the cycle time can be reduced a lot. Cooling system is designed to make the product uniform cooling and molding in a short time. Cooling system designed good or not is directly affect the product quality and production cost.

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