Chair mould

Chair mould

  • Plastic chairs and stools can easily get folded, easy to be transported for relatively light weight. The chairs and stools are often used in catering and leisure areas. Plastic chair is one of the most importance furnitures. and be popular with modern consumers.

    But now people require the chair is not only about durable. Now more and more people asked for both beautiful and practical, and some even want to change the shape. On this subject, our company can provide you solutions conveniently.

    chair mould maker

    We have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in chair mould production, from the chair mould RFQ, mould design, manufacturing, export them to abroad. The chair moulds that we made have gas-assistant chair, PC chair, arm chair, armless chair, children safety seats, rattan chair etc. Here we’d like to share our experience in plastic chair mould making.

    1. Good plastic chair mold design, mould design is the most important step for manufacture a good plastic chair mould, reasonable mould structure, the suitable ejector system, injection system, cooling system, air venting system, guide system.
    a. Chair mould injection cycle time: 45-50S.
    b. Gate: hot runner big gate to side gate

    2. Choose the suitable steel, If the requirement is not very high, recommend P20 with steel hardness HRC33. P20 normally less than 50 million shots.If high requirements, you can use imported DIN2738, steel hardness HRC36-38. DIN 2738 normally 100 million shots under correct operating.

    3. About the parting line, we must ensure the mould structure design is reasonable. Using high speed CNC milling tooling machine and mould press machine.

    4. About chair wall thickness, sometimes, we need to do is a little thicker in some areas in order to ensure the strength of the chair. But at the same time we have to think carefully about this issue. Because the uneven thickness will make injection result unevenness, and bring uneven cooling which will affect the injection speed and bring shrink marks.

    5. Interchangeable inserts. The chair back can be changed by inserts. We can make different back inserts according to the market fashion pattern. The chair arm can be changed by inserts, arm chair and armless chair can be replace the arm inserts.

    6. check the chair stackable situation. We have to do analysis for the stacking when making the chair mould design, and need consider the possibility of deformation in the production.

    7. Chair mould assembling, the chair mould assembling must be very carefully, check connect of every mould plate; ejector pin, stripper, eject block or slider should move smooth.

    A high quality plastic chair mould has short cycle time, long mould life, perfect parting line and high-strength stacking ability as well as reasonable weight. If you want to develop a plastic chair mould for production, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you relevant advice.

  • chair mould maker

    chair mould maker

    chair mould maker

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