Cable tie mould

Cable tie mould

  • Cable Ties Application

    Cable ties can be widely used in household or industrial electrical appliances, auto industry, food packaging, industrial packaging, logistics, agriculture, machinery, construction, boats, ports, fire extinguishers, electricity wires, price tags, large machines, computer motherboards or special industries, etc.

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    Cable Tie Mould Manufacturing

    The common cable tie consists of a flexible nylon tape with an integrated gear rack, in order to ensure the serration and tape fit tight and won’t slip, the teeth need to be processed by electric spark, using copper as the electrode, each time at 0.01MM accuracy when processing. We use wire cutting to process the cable tie head and insert them on the mould core and mould cavity which is convenient for maintenance.

    Mould Cavity

    Because there are many kinds of cable ties with different sizes, we will recommend the appropriate number of cavities according to customer’s injection molding machine. At present we have made 12-140 cavities for different sizes.

    cable tie mould maker


    Usually if customer no special requirements for runner, we will use cold runner for cable tie mould. There requires a higher mould temperature at the beginning of production. It will connect the mold temperature controller to heat the mould.
    With the development of the injection molding process, we can also make hot runner cable tie moulds, which will use valve gating system as for the cable tie is long and narrow that requires high injection speed. The machine barrel temperature is relatively high, the ordinary hot runner cannot control the melt material flow, so it needs to be valve gate. Of course the hot runner price is much higher than cold runner mould.

    Mould Steel

    Usually we use Cr12MoV steel for the self-locking cable tie mould. The hardness can reach to HRC55 after heat treatment. For the cable tie mould, higher hardness, longer mould life. We can also use SKD61 steel which is more expensive in cost.

    Product Weight

    Since the fierce competition in cable ties market, we can reduce the weight appropriately according to the requirements for the tensile strength.

  • cable tie mould maker

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